Blueprint 3.2 was born out of a moment of clarity and a renegade belief: that smart, talented and hardworking professionals can put a ‘dent in the universe’ by solving any business and career-pathing challenge that we set our sights on and apply our minds to.

We know that most professionals are very serious about their career development and success, but lack the time to pay it the attention it deserves – due to how busy they are being awesome in their day job!

Often, they only get around to investing in themselves and their ‘Brand-Me’ when it’s urgent (and a bit too late), like if they’re retrenched or at breaking point in their current role. Investing in yourself to ensure the security and opportunity that you deserve in your career is an ongoing and long-term commitment – it takes time, energy, and know-how. It’s an iterative process. A constant journey.

Luckily, that’s where we come in! We’re here to help you achieve your career goals and provide guidance, as well as doing lots of the ‘leg-work’ for you (so that you don’t have to).

We do this by ensuring that we keep a disciplined focus on the quality of everything that we do. We’re about delivering the best of both worlds to our clients and their employers in a way that is as real as it gets and brings little bit more sunshine to their professional lives and career success.

We believe in being able to add value to those we work with and we put in the hard work needed to do so. We live by these values when we’re applying our team’s smarts to solving any of our clients’ career development 99 problems as elegantly as possible.

The head of Blueprint 3.0 is Dermot Grazebrook.


Dermot has 15 years experience working for international South African corporate brands in the UK and in South Africa (SA). For the last 10 years he’s been based in Cape Town (CT), while working nationally across SA.

Dermot’s professional experience includes work as the HRM for an international BPO contact-centre, in the UK and in SA; as a Regional Branch Manager and as the National Business Development & Brand Manager for four national recruitment and staffing provider brands; and as a Business Development Consultant for a leading International Management Consultancy’s Human Performance Division; and for an SA-based youth employment NPO. Currently, in addition to assisting clients with B2B business development, branding and marketing, and talent acquisition projects, he’s been working with the disability sector (and local corporates) in tackling the systemic supply-side challenges preventing greater corporate employment of people with disabilities in SA.

At a Provincial and industry-level, Dermot has served as a Director on the Board of BPESA Western Cape, the BPO & Contact-Centre industry body, for whom he was Head: Human Capital Portfolio and for whom he drafted the current Provincial Industry Skills Development Strategy.

As well as BPESA Western Cape, Dermot assisted the Western Cape Premier’s Skills Forum (PSF) with their Provincial career awareness initiatives. Also, for the PSF, he drafted the PSF’s Provincial Multi-Sector Career Awareness Strategy.

As the great Jay-z once said: What more can I say? Well, quite a bit actually, like about what we specialize in and how we go about doing it. But for all this and more check out the rest of our website: ‘What We Do’ and ‘Portfolio’.

If you like what you see or you’d like to find out more about Blueprint 3.2, then get in touch with us.