We help professionals develop their professional Brand-Me, align it with their CPD activity and grow their industry network in a way that continually keeps them moving along their chosen career-path and up the career-ladder. This service is aligned to our other work in talent (acquisition, development, and management) and industry business development.

We know that most professionals are very serious about their career development and success, but lack the time to pay it the attention it deserves – due to how busy they are being awesome in their day job.

Often they only get around to investing in themselves and their ‘Brand-Me’ when it’s very urgent (and a bit too late), like if they’re retrenched or are at breaking point in their current role.

Investing in yourself to ensure the security and opportunity in your career that you deserve is an ongoing and long-term commitment – it takes time, energy, patience and know-how.

Luckily, that’s where we come in! We’re here to help you achieve all this and to provide you with guidance, as well as do lots of the ‘leg-work’ (so that you don’t have to).

We bring our expertise in our three core disciplines to work for your career (in order to enhance your Brand-Me, CPD and professional network):

  • Business Development and Networking, Branding and Marketing, including: PR, lean production of multimedia content, and digital platform and community management
  • Strategy & Industry Analysis
  • Research & Surveys

We apply these core three disciplines by assisting you and your career development in:

  • Setting up, developing and maintaining your Brand-Me, including your digital media footprint and profile
  • Creating high quality thought leader multimedia content on your behalf, which is branded as yours and posted onto your digital footprint
  • Developing your own Career-Path Strategy, based on your career goals, and then mapping out how you can navigate the professional-landscape in order to reach your destination by the most effective route
  • Developing your Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Plan aligned to your Career-Path Strategy. This includes providing assistance and guidance on what qualifications, skills, and expertise you need to obtain to support your goals and where you can acquire these (the best place at the best cost). It also includes advising you on which industry and professional bodies to join and events to attend (and keeping you updated on news and opportunities out in the marketplace)
  • Inviting you to our industry thought leader and networking events (including our: HR & Ops Exec Forums, Roundtables, Workshops, Networking Drinks & Dining)
  • Setting up 1-on-1 meetings to introduce you to industry decision-makers and influencers
  • Keeping you notified of any suitable job / career vacancies at leading brands and employers-of-choice in the local marketplace, as and when they become available
  • Creating awesome presentation slide-decks for you to use, whether for internal meetings or as a keynote speaker on an industry platform (which we can assist you getting the opportunity for)