Blueprint 3.2 was born out of a moment of clarity and a renegade belief: that smart, talented and hardworking professionals can put a ‘dent in the universe’ by solving any business and career-pathing challenge that we set our sights on and apply our minds to.

We help professionals develop their ‘Brand-Me’, align their Continuous Professional Development (CPD) activity to their career-development goals, and to build their industry network in a way that continually keeps them moving along their chosen career-path and up the career-ladder

We do this by ensuring that we keep a disciplined focus on the quality of everything that we do. We’re about delivering the best of both worlds to our clients and their employers in a way that is as real as it gets and brings little bit more sunshine to their professional lives and career success.

We believe in being able to add value to those we work with and we always put in the hard work needed to do so. We live by these values when we’re applying our team’s smarts to solving as elegantly as possible any of the possible 99 problems our clients’ face in their career development or success.